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Bray Family Medicine is one of the only independently owned primary care clinics in Arkadelphia, Arkansas providing comprehensive, personalized care to individuals and entire families — adults and children of all ages. We deliver high-quality care using an innovative team-based model led by Shelly Bray, M.D.  Dr. Bray is a trusted board-certified family medicine physician who has been caring for patients in the community since 2006. Your healthcare team includes physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, mental health counselors, complex care managers, referral coordinators, registered nurses, medical assistants, operators and receptionists working together to support your values, healthcare goals and individual needs. Your care team also coordinates with specialists, hospitals, and pharmacies to assist you in navigating through a complex healthcare system.  

Recognizing the significant impact mental health has on physical well-being, in 2015 we integrated mental health counselors in our primary care clinic.  Our medical providers work closely with our counselors and collaborative psychiatrist to provide patients in need with unsurpassed, individualized mental health and medication management.  

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Our Commitment To You

We will coordinate your care

One of the many benefits of being a patient at Bray Family Medicine is that you have a team of healthcare professionals working behind the scenes, at no additional cost to you, coordinating your care and maintaining an accurate record of your health between specialists, hospitals, pharmacies & your primary care provider. We help you navigate through a complex healthcare system while keeping you safe and healthy. Your primary care provider is the quarterback of your team making sure everyone is on the same page, has the most up-to-date information about your health and is working together with you to reach your healthcare goals.

We will communicate with you

We believe that quality healthcare should be a partnership, and the only way to have an effective partnership is through communication. Just as we expect you to communicate with us, we promise to communicate with you. We will make sure all of your questions are answered during your appointment, so you clearly know what your next steps are.

We will protect your privacy

Your privacy and the privacy of your health information are very important to us. We will not disclose your medical record information unless you direct us to do so or unless the law authorizes or compels us to do so. Our staff and providers only access patient information as it is necessary to do their jobs and are annually trained and tested to the highest standard of patient privacy.  HIPAA Privacy Policy

We will provide quality care

One of our commitments is to provide you and your family with the highest quality care. We focus on best practice medicine, which means our care is based on the best available clinical evidence, research, care concepts and techniques known to provide high quality medical care. We also believe that quality care involves preventive care. We don’t wait until you are sick to provide care. We look long term to determine what you can do now to prevent illness down the road. We work toward early prevention of disease, fewer hospitalizations, and improved quality of life. All of these also help reduce your cost of care.

Your Health Information

Having a medical record helps both you and your provider keep track of any medical conditions, concerns, medications, etc., which all help you to become better partners in improving your overall health. Your medical record belongs to you. You have the right to access it, submit amendments to it, and indicate if anyone else should get access to it. It is important that you become familiar with your health record because it will help you trend your health and make educated decisions about your wellness. You have 24/7 access to your online health record through the Patient Portal. To request a copy of your medical records from Bray Family Medicine, complete Request for Bray Family Med to Release PHI.  To request that another healthcare facility send your medical records to Bray Family Medicine, please submit Request to Release PHI to Bray Family Med.


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