What are the advantages of the drive-thru clinic? 

The drive-thru clinic at Bray Family Medicine provides quality care that is:

  • Delivered by an experienced provider: Brittney Shanek, APRN is a certified family medicine nurse practitioner with 8 years of emergency room experience.
  • Convenient:  Receive care without getting out of your car every weekday afternoon 1 – 5 pm, no appointment needed.
  • Safe:  Less risk of exposure to others with illness.
  • Affordable:  Much less expensive than an ER visit.  All insurance plans are accepted, and during the pandemic, most insurance plans have waived copays and deductibles.  We also now offer sliding scale discounts for those who qualify.  A completed application and proof of income must be received in advance of services rendered.

Do I need to call before I come to the drive-thru?

No.  We are not making appointments for the drive-thru.  Our drive-thru services are provided on a first come, first serve basis.

How does the drive-thru work?

For Bray Family Medicine patients:

  1. When you arrive, follow the signs to enter the drive-thru.
  2. Once you have taken your place in line, call (870) 464 – 1515 to check-in.
  3. As the line advances, pull forward until it’s your turn.

For new patients:

  1. When you arrive, park in a regular parking spot.
  2. Call (870) 464 – 1515 to register as a new patient.
  3. Once your registration is complete, you may follow the signs to enter the drive-thru and take your place in line.
  4. As the line advances, pull forward until it’s your turn.

Can I use the drive-thru clinic for any health concern I have or to get my medications refilled?

No.  Services are limited to what we can provide safely and efficiently through our drive-thru. You or your child may:

  • receive a flu shot.
  • be seen by a provider for an illness causing runny nose, congestion, sore throat, cough or flu-like or COVID-19 symptoms.

Who may receive a flu shot?

Flu shots are reserved for established Bray Family Medicine patients.  Pediatric, regular and high-dose flu shots are available. If you have previously been seen as a patient at our clinic, you may receive a flu shot through the drive-thru while supplies last.

Are flu shots free?

Most insurance plans fully cover flu shots.  Flu shots are not covered for adults on Medicaid.  For patients 18 years old or less who are covered by Medicaid or ARKids and any patient assigned to a PASSE, we participate in a program, Vaccines for Children (VFC), which ships us a separate supply of flu shots.  As of September 20, 2020, we have not yet received our VFC supply of flu shots. We anticipate receiving our supply around mid-October.  If you are uninsured, your insurance doesn’t cover a flu shot or you are covered by Medicaid, ARKids or a PASSE and wish to receive your flu shot before our VFC shipment arrives, you may purchase a flu shot for $30 (pediatric & regular dose) or $60 (high-dose).

Can I be tested for COVID-19 through the drive-thru?

If you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 as determined by one of our providers via a video visit or in the drive-thru, you will be tested for COVID-19 in our drive-thru.

How can I be seen for a different health concern or to get my medications refilled?

If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes that requires lab monitoring and your lab is due, first come to the clinic for your lab draw.  You do not need an appointment for lab and lab can be drawn any weekday from 8 am until 5 pm.  Our lab is also open during the lunch hour Mon – Thurs but is closed on Fridays 12 – 1 pm for our weekly staff meeting.  At your lab draw, you will be scheduled for a visit via phone or video or an in-person office visit with the provider of your choice to discuss your lab results and management of your chronic condition(s).

If you need to see a provider and you don’t have a chronic condition that requires lab monitoring or your lab is not yet due, call (870) 464 – 1515 to schedule a visit via phone or video or an in-person office visit with the provider of your choice.

If you need to see a provider for a pressing issue, call (870) 464 – 1515 and make sure to inform the operator of the urgency of your issue. 

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 or have someone take you to the nearest emergency room.